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 Sneak Peek:

Excerpt from "Tales from the Attic" by Gabriele Joy: 

As night-fall crept across the world of the Outside, things became darker in the attic.

He had never been in such a place before.
After climbing all of those stairs and collecting the most marvelous of objects He’d ever seen, his journey had come to an abrupt end when the stairs….. well, the stairs simply ran out.

He was now in this entirely new place. It seemed huge to Him but then, he was a small dragon as far as dragons go.

He gathered all of the odds and ends He’d collected about himself and curled his tail up to his head to create a pillow, hugging it. It was now very dark, and He could hear the things on the Outside were starting to come out to do whatever it is that Outside things do at night…. He hoped they didn’t like hunting. He especially hoped they didn’t like hunting dragons.

He decided that instead of worrying Himself about scary things, He would think on all the glorious things He’d seen today. All of the wonderful items He’d found, and how happy they made Him.  

Finally settling down and starting to purr, the little dragon fell asleep.


As he slept, He was visited by all manner of creatures that inhabited the big abandoned Wizard’s house. They silently investigated this new addition to the house, assessing whether or not they needed to worry about Him. One by one they decided He was not dangerous, and that in fact He may benefit from the shelter & protection of the big old house.  

Without ever realizing it, that is when the little dragon became The Attic Creature.