Testimonials & Feedback

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Below is some feedback samples from the above links...

 "Alvara is just perfect. As always it was a wonderful smooth transaction. The dragons are made with such love and care and packed and delivered with the same care. With beautiful name tags & magical scrolls with their own personalised stories. Just beautiful, I love bringing more dragons home xxx."
 - Lulu, a collector & Dragon Keeper

 "Thanks Gabriele, Delbar arrived today I'm very happy with him, he is a beautiful dragon."
 - Wendy, Delbar's new Dragon Keeper

 "WOW these dragons are even more impressive up close than you can tell from their beautiful pictures, each one is so special in their own way - 100 percent happy with this purchase!! Thank you!!"
 - Lulu, a collector & Dragon Keeper

"I received the gorgeous Lani today & she is the sweetest little dragon you could ever wish to meet, absolutely love her!! It is very evident that you love your dragons & put all your heart & soul into them, they are definitely very special :) The attention to detail is amazing, right down to the little scrolls & tag you send. I will definitely be adding to my little dragon family in the near future."
- Kim, Lani's new Dragon Keeper

"I looove my dragon Veda! :-) Wellmade, and so beautiful! ~ Gabriele is super talented ~ Great seller, great package."
- Nilla, Veda's new Dragon Keeper

"We were thrilled with our dragons :) very happy! Well made and love the Gift Tags that come with each Dragon with their name & meaning! Beautiful!!"
- Lulu, a collector & Dragon Keeper

"Such an absolutely WONDERFUL little dragon sculpture!!! He is just so sweet and charming!! Thank you so much Gabriele!!!"
- Lynne, Tirook's new Dragon Keeper

"I bought Tilran because he reminded me of how I sleep! He's even better in "real life". The workmanship and detail is amazing. I adore these sleeping dragons...they are so very very cute. My collection is now up to eight of Gabriele's creations and growing every time I see a new set of her beautiful dragons. They are truly stunning!!"
- Elaine, a collector & Dragon Keeper

"Stunning and adorable...well crafted..very happy."
- Mara, Diggory's new Dragon Keeper

"Oh my what can I say about this adorable little dragon Imaran asleep in his little pail of moss. I just can't put him down. The workmanship in such a tiny dragon is amazing and The little bucket of moss must have taken hours...he's just perfection. These sculptures are just soooo amazing!!"
- Elaine, a collector & Dragon Keeper

"My little Miriam is like a drop of sunshine on a cloudy day! Everytime I see her she makes me smile as I know she was created with love and in every precious detail, it's like she was made justfor me. She is a wonderful example of lovely handmade craftsmenship and I'm over the moon to have had her travel all the way to California to be with me! She's not just a bear, she's my little inspiration as I create my own artistry through writing and doll making. Miriam is always there to cheer me on. Thank you Gabriele for my little girl...she's just perfect!"

- Laurie, Miriam's New Mum

"  I am Andama Dujon from  Andama Galleries and I would like to thank Gabriele from GJOYful bears for the stunning bear she created for my gallery.

I commissioned GJOYful bears to create a  Teddy Bear using my logo colours black and gold to be used on my Teddy Bears Australia site.

The bear now called LOGIE was and is stunning especially the nose, which is really impressive and makes this bear stand out. My thanks to Gabriele for creating Logie Bear ."

- Andama Dujon, Logie's New Mum

"Sweet little Locksley stole my heart with his cute bushy tail and his big soulful eyes that seemed to be asking if I would please be his mother.
He is gorgeous little man who brightens my day."

- Sandra, Locksley the Fox's New Mum

"MacKenzie is such a special Mother's Day present hand-made with love & when I look into his eyes I feel warmth, love & gratitude. That must be good for me."

- Robyn, MacKenzie the Hedgehog's New Mum