Custom Ordering A Dragon

 Updated Notice (as of June, 2015):  

Custom order places are currently closed
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Custom Orders (Dragons)...
Gabriele takes custom orders for her GJOYful Fantasy Sculpture Dragons. As a rule she accepts no more than 3 custom order requests per month, this allows her to still create collections of Dragons for general sale. Gabriele's custom order placements cannot be booked in advance, this allows the system to remain as fair as possible.
Please read all the details on this page before contacting us with any inquiries with regards to custom ordering Dragons.


Custom orders are taken at the start of each month. To place your custom order you will need to do one of the following:
Send us a custom order request form through Etsy.
The first 3 people to contact will be given the custom order placements for that month. Custom orders cannot be booked in advance. If you are not successful in your initial attempt to secure a custom order placement, you can try again the following month. Your custom order request will be responded to by Gabriele within 48 hours after you send it.


Custom orders are usually completed within the month they were ordered, or at the end of the following month, depending on the level of detail & specifications involved in the order.


 When ordering your dragon Gabriele will ask you a series of questions to gauge what kind of Dragon you are requesting. Don't worry though! If you don't really know all the specifics you'd like for your Dragon, you can simply give Gabriele your ideas and allow her to "run with them," creating for you whatever she may envisage. On the other hand if you have a very specific request for a Dragon, Gabriele will also be more than happy to work with you to create the specifics of your Dragon.

These are the factors that determine the price & creation of custom ordered Dragons:
Size, Colour, Details, Eye size, Number of specific requests involved, and Accessories.
Once you have discussed what kind of Dragon you'd like to custom order, Gabriele will give you an estimated Adoption Fee (price). The exact Adoption Fee will be decided upon the Dragon's completion, Adoption Fees do not include postage. Postage quotes will be given when the Dragon is completed.
An approximate price guide for Dragons can be found HERE.

 Gabriele does NOT require a deposit for custom ordered Dragons. Once your Dragon is complete, Gabriele will send photos of him or her to you along with details & price. If you decide the Dragon is "for you," Gabriele will send you a paypal invoice for the total or set up a reserved Etsy listing for you depending on your preference. If you decide the Dragon is not "for you," then the Dragon will be listed for sale in our Etsy Shop. There is no obligation to buy a Dragon once it is complete. Gabriele feels each Dragon is a totem to each person, therefore she feels it's important you choose the right one for you.

You may name your custom ordered Dragon if you wish, or you can allow Gabriele to choose a name for you (if you choose to allow Gabriele to select a name for your dragon it will also have a name meaning which will also be printed on it's tag along with the name itself).
If you would like your Dragon to have a particular name meaning, you can let Gabriele know this and she can select a name with this meaning.
You can choose your Dragon's "Story" if you wish, or you can allow Gabriele to write his or her Story for you.

 Each and every Dragon is a one-off creation and cannot be duplicated. This means that your custom ordered Dragon will be unique to you, however it also means that Gabriele cannot recreate a Dragon she sculpted in the past. However when placing an order you are more than welcome to request that your Dragon share similar details to a Dragon from past collections.