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 GJOYful Fantasy Sculptures are all originally designed & hand-made miniature fantasy sculptures from the imagination of Gabriele Joy, created in the GJOYful studio in Australia. Although Gabriele creates many different fantasy creatures, her favourites to sculpt are Dragons (visit Gabriele's interview about her sculptures by clicking here).

 Gabriele is a full-time bear & sculpture artist, her aim is to share creatures from her imagination with you through the highest quality hand-made items she can create.


GJOYful Fantasy Sculptures are all made from custom mixed polymer clay with a few added "secret ingredients" to give them all a shimmer effect to their skin/scales as well as increase durability.

Each sculpture's eyes are hand-blown German glass. Their eyes begin clear and are individually hand painted to give them all unique colours and to bring extra personality to the sculptures. The eyes are sealed with a thin layer of heat protectant lacquer that stretches across the glass eye and is invisible once cured.

Great care and precision is taken when sculpting each creature.



Every sculpture is a OOAK (One of A Kind) creation and can never be duplicated. Each one is created by hand and each glass eye is painted by hand, making every GJOYful Fantasy Sculpture a completely original piece.


    GJOYful Fantasy Sculptures are NOT suitable for children under the age of 14 years, they are not toys.

They are for indoor display purposes only. They are not suitable for displaying in an outdoor setting or garden as extreme temperatures can cause the polymer clay to become brittle and crack. Leaving your sculpture in direct sunlight will also be detrimental to the glass eyes in your sculpture, which can crack in extreme cases.

Keep in mind these sculptures are intended as indoor display ornaments, and whilst they are sturdy and well made creations, they are also breakable and need to be treated with care.


 Gabriele views the Dragon fantasy sculptures as a kind of personal totem to each person, each representing something different. Each is created for a specific person.... you just have to find your Dragon.


If you have any questions about purchasing, ordering, postage or any other details regarding GJOYful Fantasy Sculptures, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page by clicking HERE.

Alternatively, you can contact us.