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GJOYful Artist Bears are bears, soft sculpture animals and fantasy creatures designed & handmade by Robyn Kaye and Gabriele Joy from our studio in Australia. We are a mother and daughter team and although we design and make our own individual bears, we sell our bears under the one name as it has a personal meaning for the both of us (visit our Interview page for more about the both of us, our business name and bears). We are full-time bear artists of 13 years, this is our profession and we hope to bring you the highest quality artist bears we can create.

 In addition to designing & hand-making Artist Bears, we also collect various types of bears, sell bear-making materials, teach bear making, value collectible & retired limited edition collections of bears for their owners, repair damaged bears, sketch portraits of bears and photograph various bears including our own designs & other limited edition styles of bears.

GJOYful Artist Bears are all made from the highest quality materials which we spend a lot of our time researching and sourcing to ensure that all our bears are made from the highest quality materials available. Our supplies for our bears come from within Australia, Tasmania, and also imported supplies from the UK, America, Canada, Russia, France and Germany.

GJOYful Bears are made from a variety of materials including mohair, alpaca, Tissavel faux fur, Tyber faux fur, high quality plush and sassy mini bear fabric (which we often hand dye).
Our bears’ foot and paw pads are made from genuine suede, man-made ultrasuede and sometimes sassy mini bear fabric.
GJOYful Bears are filled with poly-fill stuffing, cotton, and occasionally treated wool although we don’t often use wool. For weight we use glass beads, plastic pellets or Bengal bay garnet (we do not use steel or stainless steel shot at GJOYful Bears to ensure your bear will last for many years to come without the danger of rust occurring within the bear).
All our bears feature hand-blown glass eyes from either England or Germany and sometimes these eyes are hand-painted.
GJOYful Bears are always fully jointed using cotter pins and discs or lock-nuts, bolts and discs, and we also often use loc-line armatures or wire armatures so that our bears can be posed in numerous ways.

Our bears begin as a concept sketch which is taken to a pattern design template, this can be altered and edited for months before it is taken to the fur and sewn into a bear by hand. The bears are then filled, jointed, and then finishing touches are completed. Finishing touches include: sculpting the eye sockets and setting the eyes into place, embroidering a nose or creating a polymer clay or needle felted nose to attach, needle-felting features, needle sculpting and scissor sculpting facial features. We also hand-shade our bears using silk paints and copic markers. Most of our bears are also air-brushed using silk paints.

Every artist bear is a OOAK (One of A Kind) creation and can never be duplicated. Each one is individually designed & made by hand, making every GJOYful Artist Bear a completely original piece.

Our bears are handmade for the serious collector and bear lover and are not stuiable for children under 14 years of age due to small parts and techniques used to create the bears.  
Each bear is a OOAK (One Of A Kind) creation and cannot be duplicated.

 If you have any questions about purchasing, ordering, postage or any other details regarding GJOYful Artist Bears, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page by clicking HERE.

Alternatively, you can contact us.