About Attic Creatures - How They're Made


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Each Attic Creature goes to their new home with their own tag, a copy of the official Attic Creature short story written by Gabriele, along with a copy of the "true story" detailing how the creatures first came to be imagined.

The Attic Creatures are intended to be a special friend to their owners, lending them courage & creative inspiration. As such, each Attic Creature adoptee is given the opportunity to choose their Creature's name themselves, or have a name selected by Gabriele.

Detailed Materials List:

Some Attic Creatures are made from alpaca & mohair, whilst others are made from Tyber & Tissavel faux furs or high quality plush.

Their toes & fingers are made from genuine suede, faux ultrasuede, or sassy mini bear fabric.

Attic Creatures are jointed at their limbs & neck/head with metal cotter pins and wooden discs. Their inner armatures are made from wire & occasionally loc-line which is a type of plastic armaturing.

Each Attic Creature is filled with poly fill, woollen & cotton stuffing as well as a mixture of glass and/or plastic pellets for weighting & sometimes bengal bay garnet is used. Attic Creatures are quite heavy.

Their eyes as hand blown glass, nostrils are created using either needle felting, leather, suede, or faux ultrasuede.

Each Attic Creature is air-brushed with silk paints around their eyes & face to bring forth their expression & character.

Vegan-Friendly Attic Creatures:

 Many of our collectors are vegan or prefer to avoid products like mohair (wool) or suede (leather) & therefore, as with our artist bears, we do create vegan-friendly Attic Creatures as well. Generally all faux fur & plush Attic Creatures are vegan-friendly by default.* If you have any questions about the materials used to create a specific Attic Creature please contact us for clarification.

 *Any Attic Creature created with alpaca or mohair will have genuine suede feet & toes with woollen filling on the inside. Any Attic Creature created from faux fur or plush will have faux ultra suede toes & feet & poly filling on the inside - unless otherwise stated.

Now that a design has been created that Gabriele is happy with, Attic Creatures can continue to be created from the design - making changes to each one along the way to create individual characters.

From the pattern the Attic Creatures are cut from their material & each piece is sewn by hand. The pieces are then jointed, filled & assembled to one another. The finishing touches are added last. These include: needle sculpting the eye sockets & setting the eyes into place, creating the creature's nose, scissor sculpting, hand shading & air brushing.

 Each one is a unique character with it's own traits & individual appearance.