About The Artists of GJOYful Artist Bears, An Interview


   Before we begin, a question for both of you: Why have you chosen the business name "GJOYful Artist Bears"?"

 There are a few reasons our business name is GJOYful Artist Bears.

Firstly because we'd like all our creations to bring their new homes Joy. Also because we hope that they are Joyful creations. The "Joy" in the name is significant to both of us as Robyn's mother's (and Gabriele's grandmother) name was Joy, and also because Joy is part of Gabriele's name.

 We originally thought "Joyful Bears" would suit our bears however we decided to go one step further and make it completely unique with the combination of upper and lower case letters as well as the "G" in front.

 Many people ask how GJOYful is pronounced, this is how it is pronounced: